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Not Here

I will not be using LJ any more, and my entries will be cone (other than this one) very soon. See me on Dreamwidth.

LJ: Not A Good Idea Anymore


More on the Russian server move. I will miss you, but I'll be on Dreamwidth.

LJ: Not A Good Idea Anymore

Reposting from elsewhere: apologies for shitty formatting. I will be removing all LJ content shortly. Folks, please don't give LJ money, and don't do anything important there. Dreamwidth is very nice and I recommend it.

LJ friends: if you miss me and have no other way to ping me, comment here and we will work something out. I have the same name at Dreamwidth and it is very, very easy to switch everything to Dreamwidth; please consider it. I am also on many other social media, although not so much with the stuff the kids these days use.

(Reposted below, scraped rather than linked as requested)

If you are reading this from LiveJournal -- or if you have friends who are still on LJ, this is the time to pack your bags and seek a better place for yourself.

Briefly, SUP. the Russian group that owns LJ, has moved the physical servers that LJ information is on to Russia. Nobody who writes on LJ is now covered by the First Amendment, or any other US law governing freedom of expression. Your information -- all of it -- is under the direct supervision of the Russian government.

Info from Siderea here(http://siderea.livejournal.com/1330106.html) and here(http://siderea.livejournal.com/1330197.html).

Why does this matter to us here?

Think about it. Putin hacked the elections; his interference contributed strongly to giving us Drumph. Now he's got access to private information on private citizens across the country, their interests, their views, their families. Do you really want that?

I closed my account last week; it seemed the time to do it. I suggest you do the same, delete your comments, delete everything. You are welcome to come to Dreamwidth, which is similar to work with, or to go to WordPress or any other journaling or blogging resource. Just don't stay where you are -- for all our sakes.

(Think of the kind of data scraping and analysis that happens on Facebook for the sake of ads. Now think of it in LJ, done by Russia for political means.)

ETA: You can import your LJ here if you want to keep the entries, and once they are here, delete it at LJ. Importing from LJ to DW (https://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse?faqid=127) . Also, how to import a community to DW (https://www.dreamwidth.org/support/faqbrowse?faqid=230).

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on the election

I hope you're all okay today, friends. Let me know if you need help or want my email address.

Americans and friends; When you're making lists of allies and the most vulnerable, please remember the disabled. I hate to say it like "actually, disableds were the first ones in Hitler's gas chambers", but it's the truth - and we're canaries in the coal mine for a lot of things anyway. I have people on my disableds list literally fearing for their lives because if their benefits are cut they will not have medications, oxygen, things they literally need to live. Everybody's afraid, and fear-sizing won't help, but when I see able-bodied people saying "I fear for my life" right now I want to say "Please go find a disabled person who lives alone and is dependent on machinery and medicines to stay alive at all, and do something to help them today so they don't feel forgotten".

If you think I am exaggerating; the last round of cuts to aid for the disabled in the UK has a higher death count to its name than the number of deaths related to Brexit. And that's in a country with semi-socialized medicine (which doesn't help if you don't have food or housing). I don't mean to minimize things like the very real risks to illegal immigrants, Black people, and so on - but all of those groups also include disabled people.

I have support; I will be okay. But I have friends and allies who need caretakers, ventilators, expensive medicines to literally stay alive at all. If a society is measured by how it treats its worst off, then maybe today is a good time to think about who they are and how you can make sure they are not left behind.

And if you all try to emigrate, we will be left behind - few nations will accept an immigrant who is too disabled to work, unless there are very special circumstances, or they're married to someone who's going to be able to work enough for both of them.

I know we're all afraid today. Take some deep breaths - if you can - and remember you are not alone. You have friends and allies. And some of them need your help today.

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SIckness and impending NERT

I thought I was jut having an allergy attack, what with the pollen count being strastpsoherical. Nope. I am recovering from this cold, which is to say, I think I have passed the halfway mark, even if I am still semi-voiceless, coughing up chunks of phlegm, and barely functional. I'm a lot less miserable and whiny than yesterday, and my pain levels are dropping - fibromyalgia often flares up when you're sick, so in addition to having a nasty septic throat and sinus crap yesterday, I also felt like I'd been thrown out of my window on to the concrete rubble of the next-floor-down balcony. Fibromyalgia: invisible ninja gnomes come and beat you up when you're asleep for no other reason than to be assholes. It sucks.

As for the rubble, they are currently jackhammering the downstairs balconies in order to fix a construction problem that causes the whole fifth floor to leak and flood. I am thanking fate today that the construction team inexplicably decided not to jackhammer today and I got more rest, although I have acquired ear protection headphone thingies, and even learned to sleep in them.

The annual NERT drill and the annual earthquake commemoration (1906 quake) are this Sunday and Monday, and I really want to be well for those. Other than that, this week is screwed/put down to recovery; I had to cancel my haircut/roots-bleaching (good thing I'll be wearing a fashionable helmet this weekend) and have been unable to manage much more than novel-reading. Yesterday I was too gross even to read novels, in fact. I have high hopes of maybe inventorying one of my gear bags or sorting some laundry, which tells you I haven't been getting up to much.

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The Martian, not the ambassador

The Martian, book and movie, and why I’m not thrilled with it.
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the rubble settles

I've been neglecting this again. Oops. It's been pretty much nothing but bedbugs and fanfic since we got back from HI though.

It's been about 24 hours and I have spent a lot of that in the bed, and no bites. I am cautiously optimistic, or maybe cautiously not-pessimistic is the best phrase.

The treatment was yesterday. I bagged up a bunch of stuff beforehand. The sprinkler guy came first and drained and capped the sprinklers in the apartment, including the stupid sideways ones and the ones in the closets. Apparently closet fires are a thing. I wouldn't have thought that the closet without any electrical stuff in it was a big problem (as opposed to the closet with the washer-dryer and the electrical panel in it). Then the heater guy came. He mentioned that last time, he's seen bugs in our planter-thing full of sand right next to the bed (it's a repurposed trash can which was full of sand to hold up two large trees covered in lights). Apparently bed bugs love sand. Who knew. So we immediately got rid of the damn sand. He said memory foam was almost as bad, so out went the memory foam.

Kai and I then fled the heat, him to a cafe to work remotely, me to try to swatch some things at Sephora. Sephora didn't have any of the things I wanted to swatch, and were kind of clueless about when they would have them, despite the Web site having said otherwise. Grr. I went and looked at some clothes, but it's summer and I hate summer clothes. I went to Target next, and looked at their weird new COnnected Home display area for fancypants Internet of Things toys. First thing I saw was a video-enabled remote doorbell - mounted where I couldn't reach it from the wheelchair. Other things looked maybe ueful for disabled people, but not in that design wave or price point. I do not need to know digitally if my nonexistent baby has peed itself or my nonexistent dog needs feeding. The smoke alarm that turns off all the appliances for you is great, but some of the rest of it is just creepy. I went upstairs to the real Target and bought some new bedding on impulse. (Unlike existing duvet, it is machine washable, and bedbugs have meant I have to go nuts about that. Our duvet is technically washable but doesn't fit in the home washer.) Fake-shibori coverlet quilt thing goes well in our bedroom. And change is nice after all this while, especially the rough spots. Ate food in the mall food court when I realized I was derp.

Came home to drop off bags, heat guy said he was very pleased with results, was industrial-vacuuming things, and was 95% certain the sand had done it last time. Yay. I hung out in the lobby. Heat guy left, sprinkler guy returned. (Sprinklers do not contain potable water, by the way. Or even not-gross water.) I re-assembled the bed and did more laundry, and then fell asleep, because I hadn't had ANY sleep the night before and was feeling it.

It's a bit like the aftermath of a battle. We are still searching for enemy sabotage and dealing with contaminated stuff, the war zone is a disastrous mess, and we're still kind of shaken. But we think the war might be over this time, which helps.

More laundry now. I've also posted a ton of fanfic, and am almost done with this book. Which is a good feeling even if I have like three readers.

Other news: I'm gonna be on some panels at Convolution, looks like. This will be interesting! Disability issues and a preparedness panel, mostly. I haven't done a panel in like 20 years so this is a little scary, but this is what anti-anxiety meds are for, and it's stuff I am happy to be able to educate about.

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Hawai'i 3: Driving and shopping and eating

We made it into the timeshare at Waikiki, settled gratefully into our room, and flopped. Maybe did laundry. Got my rental powerchair, which was there waiting for me. I don't remember what we had for dinner. Breakfast the next morning at the steakhouse next door; acceptable food, weirdly 4th of July decor, tons of Japanese stuff everywhere (like, they had a Japanese breakfast on the menu despite Japanese people hardly having a breakfast food.)

We only had the rental car for one more day, so I wanted to get some of the driving-needed stuff done first. I then discovered, when we got the car back from the valet, that I'd brushed a palm tree on the way out of the lot at Tiki Moon. "Brushed" in this case means "I barely noticed it at the time and figured it would wash off"; turns out I overestimated modern crappy plastic cars, and there was a head-sized dent in the plastic bumper. $%#@!.

We loaded up to go to Plantation Village, a semi-museum outdoor place with a guided tour of various relocated-there plantation buildings set up in historical order, decorated in period style, with lots of historical info. It's probably where every fourth grade class in Honolulu goes for a field trip; it reminded me just a little of Revolutionary-era places in Virginia.

But first we had to get there, which involved a lot of cussing at traffic and being worried we'd miss the last tour of the day and cussing at maps and signs and HI DOT and so on. We made it, ten minutes late, thinking maybe we could at least see the gift shop and museum - which were closed. Screw it, I said, let's go look at those old buildings over there. Hey, I hear voices in there - is that the tour? So we caught up with the tour, having missed only the Grass Shack and the interesting Chinese house. Our guide took us around and through various houses, and we also saw a few marked plants and things (a cannonball tree!). Kai was pushing me for all this, but there was shade at least. And it made you feel for the sweating workers. There were a few non-residential buildings as well, including a barbershop, a sento, and my prize, a deconsecrated Inari shrine. The medical building and store were also interesting. And at the end of the tour, we found ourselves looking out at plantation life; a taro farm being harvested by hand by people in big sun hats and long sleeves, up to their knees in water and mud (taro grows wet, like rice) picking taro leaves, most of which are going to be wrapped around food but not eaten. It was kinda sobering and grim.

I wanted to see this more than the Pearl Harbor tour; it seemed way more important to learn about the thousands of immigrants and their strikes and their struggles than one battle. Both shaped the islands' history a lot, but this one felt more important to me.

Having succeeded there, we went to return the van at the airport, which entailed more cussworthy highway driving and squinting in evening sunlight. It may take them up to a month to deal with the car damage, and I suspect they'll just charge my credit card and I'll have to be on the watch for it. Arrrgh. Anyway, car dealt with, we took a bus home, still rattling in the manual chair. By then I was starting to feel migrainous, so I went flop and sent Kai out to carouse.

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Hawai'i 2: La'ie wedding

The resort - Tiki Moon Villas, La'ie - is lovely. I spent at least an hour in a hammock under palm trees a stone's lazy throw from the water and beach. Occasionally told off some chickens for being noisy, also observed semi-feral cats. Mostly lay there and relaxed.

Our room had its own a/c and its own jacuzzi tub. The jets weren't working, but it was still a big soaking tub. This was great for me and for Kai, who was pushing me around on the manual chair a lot.

Kai wanted to hit as many bar supply places on the way there as possible, which meant a lot of driving. The drive to La'ie was a winding coast road, pretty, sometimes cliffs-vs-waves, a bit like Hwy 1. We managed to get there in time for the introductory cocktail hour party despite all that. Met up with Kai's family and Sara's family and new friends, had drinks, admired the beach and relaxed. I think we eventually drove somewhere for fish tacos.

The wedding went off beautifully. It didn't rain, despite occasional showers on either side. The bride was glowing, the groom a little nervous, it was lovely.

I can now reveal the Sekrit Craft Project. The bride and groom told their families (mostly their siblings) "Come up with a skit for the occasion." This led to a musical number in which Kai's sisters, on ukelele and bongos, backed up Kai singing "Crazy Little Thing Called Love". Which would probably have been enough. Except that it wasn't. Because we did an intro in the style of the Ghostbusters ad (they got married on Ghostbusters' release day) while another in-law held up a giant Tardis tablecloth and Kai did a quick-change into Teh Costume; a combined Ghostbusters-Elvis jumpsuit complete with rhinestoned Ghostbusters logo and inflated fake buster backpack. It went off pretty well considering the near-total lack of rehearsal time, a stiff wind trying to take the Tardis away, me forgetting lines, and so on.

The other side of siblings also did a Queen filk, amusingly. And the wedding was beautiful. Afterwards, we took pictures on the beach (I fell over and tried to make it look like a deliberate decision to sit in the front of the group pictures; sand is tricky) and Kai got the bar going, with some small help from me (mostly mangling a lot of citrus fruits into punch). The party ran pretty late, but we didn't run out of booze. Kai and I had found glowsticks at the store earlier and picked some up along with string, and gave a brief poi-spinning demonstration after dark. There was a lot of pie for dessert. There were some adorable children. There were, I admit, some roosters yelling during the ceremony a bit, but that was okay. The semi-feral kitty tried to steal food when not being chased by toddlers. This was all on the lawn and porch-area under pretty lights which didn't blot out the bright stars.

The next day I think I mostly spent in bed or in the hammock. It was still lovely. (I did wade in up to my ankles once. That was enough for me.) Kai took a kayak thing out and had fun and fell out and gouged himself up on coral. Fortunately it seems to be minor despite coral and seawater being hella infectious. (My first aid training: not with the beach in mind at all.) Eventually we packed up the clothes and booze and things and stuffed them all in the van; we had an early checkout time.

In the morning, we threw the last bits in the van and went into town for breakfast. Somewhere in here I tapped a palm tree while trying to back the van out, and apparently bumpers these days are made of plastic that I can bend with my hand, so there was a big dent in the damn rental van. We didn't see it until Honolulu. Anyway, breakfast and then Kai got several gallons of sea water and some sand into containers, soaking himself in the process, so I unpacked some dry clothes for him, and then we drove to Honolulu and the timeshare.

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May bees? Still with the earlier bugs

I have been:

* not sleeping, suffering bites, etc.

* trying to deal with exterminators and etc. and going in circles. Company #3 has impressed me with their knowing what to do, and I managed to get them to actually talk in person with the lovely building engineer, but it sounds like the sprinkler companies are being turds. Current status: exterminator company #3 is trying to find a damn sprinkler company, from their list or my building engineer's list, who will come in and drain this floor's sprinklers, so even if they do go off accidentally, we won't flood the building (which is still recovering from winter flood damage). As we leave for HI in... less than 6 days, I am so not sanguine about this actually happening before we leave. I will be more than happy to have it done while we're gone, but that's gonna be a pain in the ass too.

If it doesn't get done - fuck it, we're staying in HI until this gets fixed. Or something. I don't think I can come back to this hell without having some kind of breakdown.

* planning and packing - pretty well on schedule although I have way overspent in the process. My not-spending self-control all gets used up on not clawing off my skin, see. But we're close to packed and on schedule to be packed in time. The list looks pretty good. Kai has been awesome at helping me and getting stuff done.

* good things: the best comics store and its people, and the best haircut lady ever. The former a) had a class which I managed to attend despite bugs, with an author I really like, where I learned a lot and had a great time. The latter fixed our hairs up, let me whine at her and made sympathetic noises, and even dyed my hair for me with the dye I had in my purse. All the good karma to them.

* and we beat LA and we got to see it in person, yay baseball!

* the hall costume which will be sort of explained later: could be used right now (assuming the glue was dry) but I have time to improve it some more. E6000 all the things, baby.

*Also, fanfic all the things. Getting some work done on the project from hell while I have insomnia and am not packing or gluing.

But mostly this month is bugs and hellish.

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